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Colares Tinto 2007


Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 650 ml
Year 1934
Alcoholic content 11 %
Grape varietals Ramisco
Region Lisboa
Total acidity 7.1
Tasting notes These old wines gained an onion skin color, although it has maintained a pleasent freshness with aromatic notes of raisin cherry and damp earth
Produção The Ramisco grape, authocthon in this region, along with its maritime environment, confer to the wine an Atlantic and balsamic character, a dry structure and a smooth mineral acidity
Palate In the mouth this wine has a light structure, where the tannins are marked along with some acidity due to sea winds, presenting a finish of sea salt notes


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Colares Tinto 2007

Colares Tinto 2007

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