Casa d'Ermeiro - Reserva - Tinto - 2011


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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 750 ml
Year 2011
Alcoholic content 15 %
Grape varietals Touriga Nacional
Grape varietals 2 Tinta Roriz
Grape varietals 3 Tinta Amarela
Region Trás os Montes
Total acidity 5.54
pH 3.7
Tasting notes Aspect clear, ruby color with violet reflexes, with evident fruity notes and vegetal notes, which stand on the whole
Palate Good structure, balanced flavor, full-bodied and persistent. It comes with round tannins balanced with ability to evolve in the bottle
Wine Pairing Serve with red meat dishes, as well as all kinds of sausages, you can also drink it with fatty fish dishes and strong cheeses


Félicitations, très bon vin.

Je suis né en France, je ne pensais pas que le vin était fait dans le monde si bon ou même spécial, et dans une certaine mesure, beaucoup mieux et moins cher dans certains cas. La plus grande surprise est qu'ils arrivent à la maison et à un bon prix.

Good wine

Knew nothing of Portuguese wines, much less of varieties that this wine has even less of the area, now I'm delighted. Congratulations and thank you for the experience

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Casa d'Ermeiro - Reserva - Tinto - 2011

Casa d'Ermeiro - Reserva - Tinto - 2011

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