Ponto Cego 2014 Branco


Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 750 ml
Year 2014
Alcoholic content 13,50%
Grape varietals Viosinho
Grape varietals 2 Malvasia Fina
Grape varietals 3 Códega
Grape varietals 4 Rabigato
Region Porto e Douro
Winemaker José Manuel Sousa Soares
Service Temperature: 10º a 12ºC
Tasting notes It is a dry and complex wine, with lots of fruit and floral aromas, soft vanilla and a dry and velvety finish
Wine Pairing Aperitif, for late afternoon gatherings, or to accompany a fish Fat or white meat


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Ponto Cego 2014 Branco

Ponto Cego 2014 Branco

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