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Craft Beer Saudade Belgian Dubbel 33cl


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Craft Beer Saudade Belgian Dubbel 33cl

It is a Product of the Loures.

"Saudade" is one of the most Portuguese words, where there is no literal translation, perhaps, in our opinion "To miss" may be the expression that best fits the situations in which we need to say saudade in English. To miss, according to the Cambridge Dictionary is, literally, to feel sad for someone or for something that has been missed or seen. This dictionary even offers "to miss you" as one of the possible translations of "miss". “Missing” or “missing” someone or something.

A small artisanal production allows you to celebrate the expression "saudade" with a very special beer.

The Saudade Belgian Dubbel Craft Beer is a 100% natural Belgian craft beer, created from a very careful selection of excellent raw materials.

Ingredients:  Water, malts (Pilsner, CaraBohemian, Munich, CaraRed, Wheat, Chocolate), hops and yeast.

Tasting note: Its intense copper color comes not only from the nuances of caramelized malts, but also from a soft touch of roasted malts. Full-bodied, with very soft hops, where the notes of ripe fruit, caramel and dried fruits, some of which are felt in the aroma, are confirmed in the flavor.

Final note:

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Btl. Capac 0.33 Liter
Alcoholic content 6,50%
Service Temperature: Should be served at a temperature of 7 ° / 8 ° C
Production - Density: 1,074 - Alcohol: 6.5% Vol. - Color: 28.2 EBC - Intense copper - Bitterness: 16.6 IBU


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Craft Beer Saudade Belgian Dubbel 33cl

Craft Beer Saudade Belgian Dubbel 33cl

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