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Sátiro Wine Christmas Basket 2020


Sátiro Wine Christmas Basket

With this Christmas basket, we want to make a difference at the Christmas dinner table, with a little of what is best done in Portugal.


In the different proposals, this is our suggestion with the Red and White Sátiro (Clandestino) Wines, both produced in Alentejo, with a mixture of winemaking processes with more than 2000 years of history and current methods.

For this purpose, we included two bottles of wine, one red and one white, a cheese and a paio from Beira Baixa for a change and to finish the basket, we added a fruit compote made also in the Alentejo.

With this basket you can also use or offer to be at a table on Christmas Eve, to add to one of the most important meals in the family - Christmas or New Year.

We assure and warn that, in any case, there is a case of rupture of one of the products that include this basket, it will be replaced by a product of equal quality and price.

This Sátiro Wine Christmas Basket includes the following items:

1 x Bottle of Red Wine Satyr 2017, 750ml.

1 x Bottle of Satyr White Wine 2018, 750 ml.

1 x Smoked bread from Beira approx. 200grs.

1 x Cured cheese from Beira

1 x Fruit Jam


The products are packed in a single box.


If you want to send this basket directly to anyone who wants to surprise, just check out the details and address, and / or send a message stating that it is an offer (indicating the reference and order ID), that way the order will be treated with an annotation as intended.

For companies we have private B2b solutions (business to business) and if you want a Christmas basket to your taste, customized and customized with your choice (regarding the selection of items and price, budget, etc.), ask us for a quote for info @ with what you want, from personalization, packaging and selection of products that go in the basket.

(*) Note: The images associated with the final product are indicative.


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Sátiro Wine Christmas Basket 2020

Sátiro Wine Christmas Basket 2020

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