Mui Gin

MUI GIN carries a deep family history, immortalized in the recipe books passed on for generations. Here, Hélio Loureiro came across a recipe from Geneva, dating back to 1873. This recipe blends the aromas of herbs and spices giving rise to an exclusive and contemporary gin.

Mui Gin is born to mark the anniversary of the 600 years since the start of the maritime expansion.

The original aromas acquired through the sea travels of the Cinnamon and Clove routes are combined with the herbs of the portuguese plaines and highlands.

This super-premium aromatic gin, conceived through its seven-time handcrafted distillation process, has a key taste of the Muscatel grape, roasted almond and a hint of tangerine and ginger.

MUI GIN will sail you through a world that speaks Portuguese laying down memories for the future.

Type Brandy
Btl. Capac 0.70 Liter
Alcoholic content 40%
Region Porto e Douro



Definitely one of my top 5 gins. Really recommend having with a ginger garnish and black pepper. If you like oriental spice this is the gin for you. Goes great with indian or thai food.

Absolutely stunning

A must try gin, perfect for Christmas occasions with the addition of tangerine and ginger.

very good

Nice gin, simply.

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Mui Gin

Mui Gin

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