Goshawk Azores Gin Tangerine 700ml


Goshawk Azores Gin Tangerine 700ml

Goshawk Azores Gin - A Product of the Azores.

Goshawk Azores Gin Tangerine is the first distillate in the Autonomous Region of Azores, from the municipality of Ribeira Grande in the island of São Miguel.

For those who did not know, Azores not only possesses some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, but it has also been recognized internationally as a producer of various delicacies of excellence, like liqueurs, cheese, etc. This Gin pays tribute to the region's fauna, in particular the bird (Açor) that gave the name to the archipelago and stars on its flag.

Goshawk Azores Gin Tangerine is produced in this paradise and is distilled in traditional copper stills of French origin.

This Goshawk Azores Gin Tangerine is a superbly balanced gin with a traditional flavor, distilled and created from a secret recipe, like the typical Azores' liqueurs.

This Goshawk Azores Gin Tangerine has a balanced and fruity flavor, being produced from a selection and extraction of the best Tangerines in the Azores, one of the island's staple fruits.

The Goshawk Azores Gin Pineapple is present in 4 varieties: Premium, Passionfruit, Pineapple and Mandarin Orange.


Juniper berries, ice plant, snow, Galician lemon, elderflower, cumin, angelica, coriander and tangerine.

Final note:

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Type Brandy
Btl. Capac 0.70 Liter
Alcoholic content 40%
Region Açores


amazing drink

i like this gin.

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Nice gin and good price.

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Goshawk Azores Gin Tangerine 700ml

Goshawk Azores Gin Tangerine 700ml

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