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Monte Cascas Grande Reserva Douro DOC Red Wine 2013


Monte Cascas Grande Reserva Douro DOC Red Wine

Red Wine OLD VINEYARDS Porto and Douro Region 2013

Monte Cascas Colheira Douro Red Wine DOC 2017  is characterized by an aromatic and smooth style, originating in the Douro Demarcated Region, which is located in the northeast of Portugal, in the Douro hydrographic basin, covering a vast area totaling 250,000 hectares, of which 45,000 hectares of vineyards that extend along the Douro River and its tributaries, from the Serra do Marão and Montemuro to Barca de Alva on the border with Spain, to the east. (About wines region, more info, click here)

The valley of the River Douro and land of the international acclaimed Port Wine. Spreading from where the River Douro defines the borders with Spain on the Northeast of Portugal until the Marão and Montemuro mountains up to approximately 90 Km inland from the Atlantic Ocean. This vine land is crafted by approximately 33.000 farmers and is naturally divided in 3 sub-regions (Lower Corgo, Upper Corgo and Upper Douro).

These sub-regions are climatically quite different from each other. The protection by the Marão and Montemuro mountains from the humid west winds that blow from the Atlantic Ocean changes the climate to Continental more and more as we travel W-E. The soils are acid and of schist. Seldom are found granitic structured ones. The stony schist soils enable water to seep down and at the same time hold the heat from the sun.

The Red Wine Monte Cascas Grande Reserva Douro DOC 2013, is a wine from the Grande Reserva range, harvested from old vineyards (100%), a special blend, with a full-bodied and firm style,

Our passion, dedication and pride allowed us to share with you the MONTE CASCAS WINES superb boutique products....enjoy it !

Tasting Notes: The Red Wine Monte Cascas Grande Reserva Douro Old Vineyards DOC 2013 in the glass is presented in a deep red color, on the nose it is very complex with notes of blackberries, cereals, wood and minerals integrated with dark chocolate. ripe tannins well integrated with intense aromas in a mineral and persistent finish. Conclusion is an excellent wine experience.

Grapes/varietes:  100% OLD VINEYARDS

Harmonization: We recommend this Red Wine Monte Cascas Grande Reserva Douro DOC 2013 to accompany an end of the day at home, or to accompany a meal with steak or a dish with roasted meat. It will stay in memory for another good moment.

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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2013
Alcoholic content 14%
Grape varietal Old Vineyards (100%)
Region Porto e Douro
pH 3,53


Amazing Wine

Ich war sehr überrascht von diesem Wein, intensiv und ich wiederholte nur den Befehl, mit Freunden zu teilen und einige Flaschen zu sparen.

Good Wine

Top 5* nice wine, and good price. tks

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Monte Cascas Grande Reserva Douro DOC Red Wine 2013

Monte Cascas Grande Reserva Douro DOC Red Wine 2013

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