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Infusion of Bush in Can 30gr


Infusion of Bush in Can 30gr


Between mountains and valleys, through a dance which mixed scents with emotions, feelings with pleasures, sensations that last on this biological, magical, amazing and special trip.


Infusions that are more than a creation, becoming therefore unique identity cards, presented by its autochthonous ingredients so naturally connected, as if these infusions were on its purest state, true stories for eternity.


Ingredients: Prunela (Prunella vulgaris L.), Carqueja flowers (Genista tridentata L.), Common mint (Mentha spicata L.)


Characteristics: This tea is ideal for those looking to reduce mental fatigue problems, prevent the effects of diabetes, reduce allergies and obtain the benefits of oxidizing powers.

Whether consumed hot or cold, the resinous, acrid and sweet flavors are the main characteristics that you will find in this wonderful option.

Btl. Capac 30 Grs
Region Porto e Douro


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Infusion of Bush in Can 30gr

Infusion of Bush in Can 30gr

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