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Casa Anadia Private Collection Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special Edition 1.5Lts


Casa Anadia Private Collection Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special Edition Magnum 1500ml - Maximum Acidity: 0.2%

The most exquisite blend of olive oil in this “sparkling” bottle for special occasions.

This olive oil with the label Casa Anadia is heir to an ancient tradition that dates back at least to the 17th century, when the old manor with the chapel, today integrated in Quinta do Bom Sucesso, in Alferrarede, municipality of Abrantes in the Ribatejo region were built.

These olives can be traced back to agricultural activities which have been present since the 17th century.

This Casa da Anadia Olive Oil is the continuation of a history associated with the culture of Portuguese Olive Oil.

The olive trees of the farm from which these magnificent olive oils are produced, occupy an area of ​​100ha, with both traditional olive groves and intensive oes where bothh international and Portuguese varieties are present. The latter creates the olive oils of Ribatejo with Protected Designation of Origin (DOP).

Some of the varieties: Galega, Cobrançosa, Picual, Arbequina, etc.

Casa Anadia olive oils are the result of three different farmlands in Alferrarede, with a soil composed out of clay, limestone and shale. This results in an olive oil with a perfect chemistry and balance between the different varieties and soils. 

The "Casa Anadia Private Collection Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special Edition" Olive Oil originates from the olive trees located between 90Ha of traditional olive groves, 10Ha super intensive, and hundreds of olive trees over a hundred years old. This results in the most refined fusion between the best olives, the best varieties, from the best olive trees in the Quinta. These are carefully analysed, extracted and combined to give rise to the most extraordinary olive oil.

We believe that this is a masterpiece of Portuguese olive oils, 100% natural, and not filtered, so it retains all its original properties.

To guarantee this result, the olives are harvested in a traditional manual and mechanical way through vibration at the point of perfect ripeness.

Cold extraction, on the other hand, by a continuous two-phase process, decanter, approximately 2/3 hours after harvesting.

Tasting Notes: Casa Anadia Private Collection Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special Edition is fresh, balanced and complex, with fruity green olives and ripe green olive leaf notes and apple. It is slightly bitter and spicy with a relatively persistent finish in the mouth, with a touch of dried fruits.

Main varieties: Cobrançosa and Picual.

Awards achieved: We are very proud of Portuguese olive oils! This one in particular has accumulated distinctions and awards all over the world:

- Portugal: Bronze, silver and gold medal between 2011 and 2019 at the NATIONAL OLIVE OIL COMPETITION OF PORTUGAL;

- Canada: it was awarded OLIVE D´OR SIAL, Silver Medal - Medium Fruity 2011;

- China: it won Silver medal at CHINA OLIVE OIL COMPETITION - 2014 & 2013 and Great Mention - Medium Fruity 2012;

- Germany: at INT. OLIVE OIL CHALLENGE (SELECTION MAGAZINE) it won 4 stars in 2013 and 2012;

- Japan: at the INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OIL COMPETITION, it won Silver Medal in 2015  & 2012;

- USA: at NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OIL COMPETITION, it was awarded Silver Medal - 2015, Gold Medal - Medium Fruity 2013, and at LOS ANGELES INT. EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL COMPETITION, it wonSilver Medal - Medium Fruity in 2014.

Final note:

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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 1.50 Liter
Region Tejo
Total acidity 0.3


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Casa Anadia Private Collection Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special Edition 1.5Lts

Casa Anadia Private Collection Extra Virgin Olive Oil Special Edition 1.5Lts

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