Organic Olive Oil - Bag-in-Tube 3 Liters + Spray 100 ml (glass)

Olive from Organic Agriculture.

Olive species: Madural, Cobrançosa, Verdeal e Cordovil.

Preservative: organic farming do not resort to the application of pesticides or chemical synthetic fertilizers or the use of genetically modified organisms.

The olive tree is genetically robust, prepared to severe climates with harsh winters and hot summers.

In organic production, little or nothing can be used when pests appears; we used only traps with pheromones to capture and control some pests.

Our olive grove is rainfed, without irrigation, which also allows for better quality only through the tree juice that the fruit will absorb.

The best solution for a healthy product are regular pruning and tree aeration, and be as accurate as possible in the exact maturity for harvesting, avoiding oxidation and olive degradation.

 In the beginning of the year we make the pruning of trees needed;

 In the spring we do the pests control, and we apply fertilizer (dry olive bagasse composting from the previous crop), we do a light plow for control of herbs.

Harvesting is always done according to the maturation which usually takes place in November.

Harvesting is done manually with the use of hand and semi-mechanical tools whichcause vibration in the branches and the olive falls from the tree.

On the soil canvas are placed where the olive is picked and placed in suitable buckets.

First leaves are removed in the olive grove.

It is then loaded to the oil mill where it takes a new process of leaves removal and washing.

Since it is a manual process, harvesting campaign can last between 15 days to one month, always depending on the amount of olive.

The maturation time may also delay or not the process of harvesting.

Olive is leaves removed and washed again and get ready to go to the beater.

The machine transforms olive in olive paste and the temperature is stabilized between 18º and 23º degrees. (This cold extraction process does not allow the olive cooking, a biological production cannot exceed 27 ° degrees of maximum temperature).

Then enters in the decanter, where is made the separation of the water and the olive bagasse. (The water and the olive bagasse go to a special container that, after correction of PH and various processes, is introduced into the soil as fertilizer in spring, because it is rich in nitrogen).

The whole process and the olive oil is made mechanically by cold extraction machines.

After extraction, olive oil is stored in stainless steel storage chamber, properly closed to prevent oxidation and a temperature of around the 18º degrees (crystallizes easily, a sign of its purity, low water and cold extraction).

It remains there to stabilize.

After a period of 3 to 4 months is sent to analyze: acidity, index peroxides, wax content an others, including positive attributes Mature/Green, Bitter and Spicy.


Conclusion: Low acidity, low peroxide value, golden ripe, slightly bitter and spicy.

This date marked its advisable validity which is of 18 months, however, if the peroxide levels are low, and stored in a dry place away from heat source, olive oil qualities will be maintained during more time.

We choose black bottles, because darker means better conservation.

Bottling is done to the oil to be completely closed and stored in a dry place without light.

We wish you a magnificent tasting

Type Biological
Btl. Capac 3 Liters
Region Porto e Douro
Total acidity 0.2%


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Organic Olive Oil - Bag-in-Tube 3 Liters + Spray 100 ml (glass)

Organic Olive Oil - Bag-in-Tube 3 Liters + Spray 100 ml (glass)

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