Quinta da Caldeirinha Old Vineyards Red Wine 2016 DOC


QC Old Vineyards Red Wine 2016 DOC


Wine Region Beira Interior - Centennial Vines

Organic wine with Bio certification produced in Organic Farm.


This 2016 [QC] Quinta da Caldeirinha Vinhas Velhas Red Wine DOC is produced in the Beira Interior Region, on a farm located in the so-called Natural Park of Douro Internacional, Beira Interior, sub-region of Castelo Rodrigo.

It is a wine produced in Terroir, a region with a continental Mediterranean climate, shale and sandstone soils. Vineyards planted in the Douro Internacional Natural Park, on the slopes where the Águeda River meets the Douro River, at an average altitude of 650 meters.

As for the vinification process of Quinta da Caldeirinha Vinhas Velhas Red Wine 2016 DOC wine, it is vinified with organic grapes and with a prolonged skin maceration that gives it structure and longevity, subject to a stage in French oak barrels. This wine has been naturally stabilized, which can create deposits over time, so it is recommended to use a decanter when serving it.

Quinta da Caldeirinha's vineyards and olive groves are certified by SATIVA, grown with the utmost rigor, without any artificial chemicals, in plants or in the soil.

It is in a portion of Centennial Vineyards at Quinta da Caldeirinha that a Blend from the Beira Interior Region, Biological, Vegan is obtained that is worth knowing and tasting.


Tasting note: This blend Quinta da Caldeirinha Vinhas Velhas Red Wine 2016 DOC is a wine with a very open color, fresh, young, lively aroma and is a wine with a high capacity to harmonize with food.




Harmonization: Due to the gastronomic potential of this blend, Quinta da Caldeirinha Vinhas Velhas Red 2016 DOC is an excellent company for any meal or occasion.


Temperature service: Serve between 16 / 18ºC.


Awards and recognition: 17 PTS Grandes Escolhas.


Final note: Wine to drink immediately or to store.

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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2015
Alcoholic content 15%
Grape varietal Rufete
Grape varietal 2 Mourisco
Grape varietal 3 Tinta Roriz
Region Beira Interior


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Quinta da Caldeirinha Old Vineyards Red Wine 2016 DOC

Quinta da Caldeirinha Old Vineyards Red Wine 2016 DOC

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