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Cabrita Native Grapes Negra Mole Red Wine 2015


Cabrita Native Grapes Negra Mole



This Wine from the Algarve, Cabrita Native Grapes Negra Mole Red Wine is produced in the south of Portugal, in the Algarve region. We are facing a region with a very specific climate, in which it is close to the sea, but it also suffers the influence of the mountain (Espinhaço de Cão, Caldeirão and Monchique mountains). The mountains are very important in Algarve farming, as they protect the exploitation from the winds coming from the north. In this way, the climate is hot, dry, with reduced thermal amplitudes and an average of 3000 hours of sunshine per year.


A wine produced on a property where a family legacy started four decades ago, currently having close to 7 hectares of vineyard.


Typical grape varieties reign on these sides, between Crato Branco, Manteúd, Negramole or even Castelão, and with this style it has conquered countless connoisseurs, including several international awards. These grape varieties were joined 15 years ago by Touriga Nacional, Trincadeira and Aragonez.


Manual harvest to small 20kg boxes. The wine ferments with indegenous yeast at controlled temperatures, before a 18 day cuvaison phase folllowed by an 18 month stage in new French oak barrels.


The grape variety Negra Mole, is a very Portuguese variety, with tradition from the south of Portugal, therefore it is a queen variety of the Algarve Region, and has the curiosity of being the only one in Portugal that can ripen in white grape or grape register ink.


Tasting Notes:  Cabrita Native Grapes Negra Mole Red Wine is a disconcerting wine, pale yellow in color, in the nose it feels aroma revealed by the tension of the grape variety and its minerality, in the mouth it is an explosion of freshness and fruit, well softened by the creamyness that the stage in lees gives it.


Grapes/varietes: Negra Mole (100%).


Harmonization: This Cabrita Native Grapes Negra Mole Red Wine is a great company to serve as the right choice of wine to accompany white meat meals, the famous varied fish stews of Portuguese gastronomy and other meals with oven fish.


Serving temperature is: Serve at a temperature between 12 and 14ºC


Responsible for oenology: Joana Maçanita, Eng


Premiums achieved:  This Cabrita Red Wine 2018 has been awarded between 2005 and 2015 at Concours Mondial Bruxelles, Gold Medal 2013 - Cabrita Reserve Red 2009 at La Selezione del Sindaco, between 2009 and 2015 at International Wine Chalenge - London, and several in Portugal.


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Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2018
Alcoholic content 13,50%
Grape varietal Touriga Nacional
Grape varietal 2 Aragonez
Grape varietal 3 Trincadeira
Region Algarve
Total acidity 5
Winemaker Joana Maçanita
Service Temperature: 16º - 18ºC


nice wine

simple, nice and light wine.

Very tasty - easy drinker

Absolutely beautiful with my steak in a warm country. Light and fruity.

summer red wine

Beautiful gulpable summer red wine native to and currently only available in the Algarve. Similar to a pino noir, light and nice acidity but with some darker depth of flavor and a tiny hint of spice.

Top 5 2019

I love this amazing wine from my paradise, in Algarve.

Muita bom

Quando vivia em Portugal nem sabia que faziam vinho do algarve, foi preciso vir viver para Suiça para tomar conhecimento e graças à Madeinportucale provar e ficar deveras impressionado. Muito Bom!!! Agora vou arriscar mais um bocado e assim conhecer mais coisas diferentes e que não consigo encontrar, senão aqui. Bem-hajam pela iniciativa.

Amazing Portuguese Wine

From algarve, very good and nice price, congrats!!!

Muy interesante este vino

No sabía mucho sobre vinos portugueses, ahora gracias a usted aquí en Madeinportucale.Com tengo mucha curiosidad por los próximos pedidos

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Cabrita Native Grapes Negra Mole Red Wine 2015

Cabrita Native Grapes Negra Mole Red Wine 2015

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