Red Wine Vale Miguel 2015 Murça

Clear wine, garnet-colored and vinous aroma. In the mouth it has a Young, soft and with slight astringency. Result of fermentation in vats Self-evident stainless steel with tanning, followed by a stage of at least 3 Months before being bottled.

Storage Care: Store in a cool, dry place away from light and at temperatures between 10º C and 20 ° C. It is advisable to use it for up to 1 year after the sale if it is kept in the recommended conditions.

Produced and bottled in the county of Murça, Trás-os-montes in Portugal.

Consumption suggestions: it accompanies well dishes of roasted or stewed meat, pasta and salads with meat. Consume in moderation

Type Red Wine
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Alcoholic content 13%
Region Trás os Montes
Total acidity 3.5
pH 3.2
Total sugars 4


Ich mochte diesen Wein, es wird empfohlen.

Vorher wusste ich nur italienische Weine, Südafrika, Weine aus Frankreich, sowie Chile, unter anderem. Jetzt muss ich mich hier bedanken, um diesen Wein von unbestreitbarer Qualität bekannt zu haben, mit der Überraschung, Qualität zu einem guten Preis hinzuzufügen, also habe ich portugiesische Weine als das Beste der Welt kennen gelernt.

I was very surprised

A wine so cheap that surprised by the positive, given the low price is at the level of other wines that have tasted much more expensive.

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Red Wine Vale Miguel 2015 Murça

Red Wine Vale Miguel 2015 Murça

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