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Joaquim Arnaud Sparkling Wine Brut 2008


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Joaquim Arnaud Sparkling Chardonnay 2008 from the wine producer from Alentejo in Portugal

Type Sparkling wine
Btl. Capac 750ml
Year 2008
Alcoholic content 13%
Grape varietal Chardonnay
Total acidity 7.65
pH 3.01
Tasting notes Yellow citrine
Palate Fresh, light and delicate, with very fine bubbles, which gives-it a creamy structure with a long finish
Nose Fruity, with notes of good performance in basement
Wine Pairing It goes well with fish and seafood dishes


Congrats this amazing sparkling wine

It was my sparkling wine elected for birthday and year end 2019

Encantado e surpreendido

Não conhecia, assim como outras escolhas que arrisquei, mas valeu a pena. Volto em breve

Nice Sparkling Wine

Nice wine

Ich mochte diesen Wein, es wird empfohlen.

Vorher wusste ich nur italienische Weine, Südafrika, Weine aus Frankreich, sowie Chile, unter anderem. Jetzt muss ich mich hier bedanken, um diesen Wein von unbestreitbarer Qualität bekannt zu haben, mit der Überraschung, Qualität zu einem guten Preis hinzuzufügen, also habe ich portugiesische Weine als das Beste der Welt kennen gelernt.

Félicitations, très bon vin.

Je suis né en France, je ne pensais pas que le vin était fait dans le monde si bon ou même spécial, et dans une certaine mesure, beaucoup mieux et moins cher dans certains cas. La plus grande surprise est qu'ils arrivent à la maison et à un bon prix.

Nice. I Love

Knew nothing of Portuguese wines, much less of varieties that this wine has even less of the area, now I'm delighted. Congratulations and thank you for the experience

Sparkling Wine Brut fantastic

I tasted it in Macao when I was at the end of last year's vacation and never found it again. I will order because it is a delight and worth the price and its quality.

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Joaquim Arnaud Sparkling Wine Brut 2008

Joaquim Arnaud Sparkling Wine Brut 2008

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