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Alentejo Wine Region

The writer Robert Louis Stevenson described in his work that "a good wine is bottled poetry", while Pasteur said that "there is more philosophy in a wine bottle than in all books". And we ended up seeing each other in both citations, we identified with them, being enlightening of what wine represents for us, and inspired by the tradition of making wine in Portugal with centuries of history, this Alentejo blend appears.

By the way, this Alma da Ponte White Wine 2018 is a good example of what we like to share here at

Alma da Ponte White Wine 2018 is a tempting wine, because from an early age with red wine we realize that after tasting, those who taste it want more, just like other Wines we have in our offer.

Cuba is inserted in the Alentejo region, integrated in the wine region of Vidigueira, an area with numerous historical references about the region's vineyards and wine, dating back to periods prior to nationality, such is the importance that this culture has had throughout the ages in region.

Another curiosity that we share in this Wine, is that it appears in honor of the bridge located in Vila Ruiva, where there is a Roman bridge, whose probable date of construction dates back to the first century before Christ.

It is one of the Roman bridges, which are appreciated as monuments, of the countless ones that exist in Portugal, this one with 120 meters in length, 20 arches of very perfect curvature, being classified as a national monument.

Used as the road that allowed the connection between the city of Évora and the capital of the Algarve (Faro), it is still used today, after two thousand years, allowing the maintenance of the connection between the two banks of the Odivelas stream.

Now the Alma da Ponte White Wine 2018 was vinified with the mixture of the Antão Vaz, Arinto and Verdelho grape varieties, with some time in 225 liter American and French oak barrels.

Now enjoy the experience, enjoy and then the applause, but first open this bottle and drop the story, and enjoy.


Tasting Notes: When placing the Alma da Ponte 2018 White Wine in the glass you will appreciate a beautiful golden color, on the nose enjoy a rich and immediately attractive aroma, intense and fruity, citrus and with well-marked notes of tropical fruits so characteristic of Antão Vaz from the “country of grapes”, the palate is already smooth and balanced, with a long and fruity finish, plump and velvety. It is a light wine with very good acidity that gives it great freshness.


Grapes / varieties: Antão Vaz, Arinto and Verdelho.


Harmonization: We recommend this White Wine Alma da Ponte 2018, for our experience to accompany white meats, cold salads, seafood, cooked fish dishes, all types of grills (meat / fish), sushi and some cheeses.


Responsible for oenology: Manuel Vargas

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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2018
Alcoholic content 13%
Grape varietal Antão Vaz
Grape varietal 2 Arinto
Grape varietal 3 Verdelho
Region Alentejo
Winemaker Manuel Vargas


Lo probé con la compra del paquete y me gustó.

Muy bien

uau bom Vinho

Primeiro estranha-se e depois entranha-se, nem parece Vinho Alentejano. Este Vinho é uma agradável surpresa.

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Alma da Ponte White Wine 2018

Alma da Ponte White Wine 2018

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