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Montemorense Granite - Anised-Flavored Liqueur


Liqueur centenary produced by ancient handcrafted methods. Produced by distillation in stills of various aromatic plants.

This special manufacturing liquor can drink cool or ice, as an aperitif or coffee. Excellent flavor for cakes and fruit salads.

Centenary liquor produced by the old craft methods. Obtained by distillation in stills from various herbs.

This special manufacture liquor can be drunk fresh or with ice, as an appetizer or with coffee. Excellent for flavoring cakes and fruit salads.

Type Liqueur
Btl. Capac 0.50 Liter
Alcoholic content 17%
Region Alentejo


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Montemorense Granite - Anised-Flavored Liqueur

Montemorense Granite - Anised-Flavored Liqueur

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