Cabrita - Vinho Rosé 2016


Cabrita Rosé Wine 2018 is produced in the Algarve region, south of Portugal, made from red grape varieties, Touriga Nacional, soft black (a typical grape known in Portuguese as Negra mole), Aragonese and Trincadeira.

Wines labeled "Cabrita" are the product of a family legacy spanning over four decades, with currently close to 7 ha of vineyards.

Wine Cabrita Rosé 2018 is a result of a blend of several grape varieties, including Touriga NacionalNegra MoleAragones and Trincadeira.

MadeinPortucale wine proof review:
The Cabrita Rosé Wine presents a pale pink color with damask nuances.
You can taste the elegance of this wine, with hints of fresh fruit such as pomegranate and strawberries.

Wine harmonization:

This wine can be served on a summer day for an evening with friends, a family party or following a light meal, a salad, grilled fish or seafood.

Serving temperature is: 8-10.ºC (important for the experience).

Responsible for oenology: Joana Maçanita - Portuguese Enologist.

Premiums achieved in the various labels and blends including Rosé wines, Red, White labeled "Cabrita", here is a wide list of wines already awarded and some can be purchased here:

Concours Mondial Bruxelles

Gold Medal 2010 - Cabrita Red 2008

Great Gold Medal 2011 - Cabrita Red 2009

Gold Medal 2012 - Cabrita Reserve White 2010

Silver Medal 2014 - Cabrita Reserve Red 2011

Silver Medal 2014 - Cabrita Red 2012

Silver Medal 2017 - Cabrita Reserve Red 2014

Gold Medal 2017 - Cabrita Negra Mole 2015

La Selezione del Sindaco

Gold Medal 2013 - Cabrita Reserve Red 2009

International Wine Chalenge – London

Bronze Medal 2011 - Cabrita Red 2009

Bronze Medal 2017 - Cabrita Reserve Red 2015

Medal "Commended" 2017 - Cabrita Red 2015

Medal "Commended" 2017 - Cabrita Negra Mole 2015

Concurso de Vinhos do Algarve Fatacil

Silver Medal 2008 - Cabrita Red 2007

Silver Medal 2009 - Cabrita Red 2008

Silver Medal 2009 - Cabrita Rosé 2008

Silver Medal 2010 - Cabrita Red 2009

Gold Medal 2011 - Cabrita White 2010

Great Gold Medal 2012 - Cabrita Reserve White 2010

Gold Medal 2012 - Cabrita Red 2011

Gold Medal 2012 - Cabrita Reserve Red 2009

Gold Medal 2013 - Cabrita Rosé 2012

Gold Medal 2013 - Cabrita Reserve White 2010

Silver Medal 2014 - Cabrita White 2013

Gold Medal 2014 - Cabrita Reserve White 2011

Gold Medal 2014 - Cabrita Reserve Red 2011

Final note:

The typical grape varieties range in this region between Crato Branco, Manteúdo, Negra mole to even Castelão, which have won over numerous connoisseurs, including several international prizes. These grape varieties were joined by the Touriga Nacional, Trincadeira and Aragonez 15 years ago.

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Type Algarve Wines Region
Btl. Capac 750 ml
Year 2018
Alcoholic content 12,50%
Grape varietal Touriga Nacional
Grape varietal 2 Aragonez
Grape varietal 3 Trincadeira
Region Algarve
Total acidity 5.4
Winemaker Joana Maçanita
Service Temperature: 6º - 8ºC


Recomendo este Rosé!

Um Rosé Algarvio daqueles que satisfaz numa noite quente, estando bem frio ou a acompanhar um prato mais ligeiro. Gosto muito da vossa selecção de Vinhos. Parabéns!!!

Top Rosé Wine 5*

Geweldig...echte rose’..Very good dry Portuguese rose from the Algarve. Strawberry, clove and soft spices.

Top Portugueses Rose Wine

Nice wine and good price From algarve my paradise

Very Good

Nice rose wine, good price. Congrats

Nice price and good wine

I did not know Portuguese wine, I risked, we had a problem with the transport company, but that madeinportucale team intervened and resolved for me, which I take here to leave hug and thanks.
In the meantime I tasted, and I was a fan of this very nice wine, now I will venture and risk other blends and maybe Gin, Olive, etc.
Now surprise me again, I hope.

Tks this wine

They got a fan because I met this and another wine that got my attention for its quality and originality. Congrats! I like Portuguese Wines by Madeinportucale


shows pale pink color, and in the mouth shows elegance laid in fresh fruit. Very nice!!!

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Cabrita - Vinho Rosé 2016

Cabrita - Vinho Rosé 2016

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