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Viúva Gomes - Colares Reserve Red Wine 1965


Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 0.65 Liter
Year 1965
Grape varietal Ramisco
Region Lisboa
Total acidity 7.1
pH 3.4
Tasting notes These old wines gained an onion skin color, although it has maintained a pleasent freshness with aromatic notes of raisin cherry and damp earth
Production The Ramisco grape, authocthon in this region Colares
Palate In the mouth this wine has a light structure, where the tannins are marked along with some acidity due to sea winds, presenting a finish of sea salt notes


A wine that tells a story

extraordinary wine...amazing wine

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Viúva Gomes - Colares Reserve Red Wine 1965

Viúva Gomes - Colares Reserve Red Wine 1965

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