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Mediterranean Secrets Cork Box Carob Box


Mediterranean Secrets Cork Box Carob Box

Algarve Region


This mysterious box holds the Mediterranean’s best-kept secret. MEDITERRANEAN SECRETS 12CATÁLOGO / CATALOG CAROB WORLD MEDITERRANEAN SECRETS Once opened, it reveals the aromas, textures and sensations of southern Europe. The treasure it contains is a combination of the purest flavours, in the ideal size to purify the senses and uplift the spirit, at a time and place that are always right. The Mediterranean Secrets collection is inspired by beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, with their strong colours and intense aromas, and it turns every moment into a sublime experience.



Cork box containing two jars of cream (30 g) and four carob bars

(12 g) wrapped in flow pack



Carob Bar (carob: 24%),

Carob Milk Bar (carob: 15%, skimmed milk powder: 12%),

Carob and Almond Bar (carob: 21%, almond: 10%),

Carob Almond and Milk Bar (carob: 14%, almond: 10%, skimmed milk powder: 11%),

Carob and Almond Spread (carob: 15%, almond: 20%),

Carob Almond and Milk Spread (carob: 15%, almond: 17%, skimmed milk powder: 3%),

Ingredients: dietary fibre (maltodextrin),

vegetable fat (palm, coconut),

emulsifiers: soya lecithin, distilled monoglycerides,

polyglycerol polyricinoleate.

Contains artificial sweetener: sucralose,

Allergy advice: Contain soya, milk and almonds.

Region Algarve


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Mediterranean Secrets Cork Box Carob Box

Mediterranean Secrets Cork Box Carob Box

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