Made in Portucale (MIP)

We aim to bring to your home or your company the richness, the art and traditions of the flavours of Portugal.

We work directly with regional suppliers, respecting their production methods, costumes, and wisdom, acquiring through their experience and expertise products of excellence with a quality seal and its respective certificates.

Our range of products includes traditional, biological and gourmet products. From our wines, gins, and liquors to our olive oil, honeys, cheeses, herbal teas and spices they are all, carefully selected for your delight.

We have a diverse range of typical and unique products all recognized by the DOP (Denominations of protected origin) or/ and IGP (geographical identification protected) certificates, from different Portuguese Regions.

They stand out, for their high quality and uniqueness and they are great examples of the presence of natural and environmental conditions which sprout the production of quality and above all, the existence of deep know-how which define our country - Portugal.

But this is only the beginning!

We want to reach out more corners of this wonderful Portugal and discover the wisdom and delights of local growers we have in this country of ours...

Watch closely and join us on this discovery.

From Portugal… to the World!