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The Wizard Gin Gold Cobalto Douro



The first Gin totally produced in Douro.


After the Cobalt Gin and The Wizard Blue Gin, there is a Gin where delicacy, elegance and subtlety are synonymous with The Wizard Gold gin. We believe that this is a differentiating gin for its elegance and structure.


The word Gold is due to its golden color that comes from the separate distillations of the two roses that make up gin and saffron, which is added later.


When added to tonic water or lemon, an acid-based pH reaction is created and the gin turns from golden to pink, almost like magic. This effect is not always visible due to external factors such as temperature and sunlight, which influence the occurrence of this reaction.


Dare to try and prove the elegance of The Wizard Gold.


Tasting Note: The combination of floral botanicals and spices gives it a lightness when you first drink it and a slight hint of hibiscus, saffron and anise in the aftertaste.


Botanicals: juniper, anise, rosemary, red vine rose, yellow rose, turmeric and hibiscus.


Awards and distinctions: This Gin was awarded in the very first year it was released to the market with a gold medal in the Europe Wine & Spirits Trophy 2020.


Note:To obtain this color we only use natural ingredients. Over time, the intensity of the color may dissipate.


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Type Gin
Btl. Capac 0.50 Liter
Alcoholic content 40%
Grape varietal juniper, anise, rosemary, red vine rose, yellow rose, turmeric and hibiscus
Region Porto e Douro


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The Wizard Gin Gold Cobalto Douro

The Wizard Gin Gold Cobalto Douro

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