Quinta do Sobral Dão Wines Harvest Pack 5 + 1


Quinta do Sobral Selected Harvest PACK 5+1


A box with six bottles, 3 Red Wine and 3 White Wine

Nature has given the Dão Demarcated Region a set of happy geographical coincidences. Among deeply mountainous areas, valleys coexist with hills and smooth, rounded slopes.


With this Pack we intend that the customer has access in special conditions to enjoy and taste two different types of wine, from the same property and region of Dão wines.


Quinta do Sobral Selected Harvest Red and White Wines are produced in Dão, in a vineyard located in the most famous land of Vinho do Dão, in Santar, in a farm with history that would certainly make a book, maybe even two ... and you want to continue to write over the three generations you have already accumulated in your legacy.


Today, those who know the geographical boundaries of their land, do not imagine that it all started with a small portion called by the current owners as “O Velho Sobral”.


Now, it is in Velho Sobral that Cristina Simões, daughter of the founder of the company, grows up with her grandparents, where she learns the art of the land, where she plays and especially where she discovers love, a love that continues to flow with pride from her mouth but also from your heart, love for Santar.


Individually you can get to know Red Wine here, or White Wine also on our website here.

In addition to the special price, you have the opportunity to enjoy the experience and even share the wine to enjoy the wine's evolution, who knows, if you resist the temptation.

Enjoy it !


Responsible for oenology: Carlos Lucas, Eng.º


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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac A box with six bottles, 3 Red Wine and 3 White Wine, Pay just one and get 6. 6x750ml
Region Dão e Lafões


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Quinta do Sobral Dão Wines Harvest Pack 5 + 1

Quinta do Sobral Dão Wines Harvest Pack 5 + 1

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