Cookies Policy

1. What are cookies?

These are small informative text files that are installed on your computer or other browser access equipment, called a “browser,” which occur when a Client or a User accesses this digital platform or this website.

We use cookies on this website or on any promotional page and website or company pages on third party platforms such as Facebook or Youtube or others managed by us.

Its purpose is to provide the smooth operation of our services, ie a more efficient and faster use of our website by users - referred to in the previous point, retaining only information related to preferences, not collecting personal data that allow us to identify the eliminating the need to re-enter the same information upon reuse.

By using this website, you accept the use of cookies as described.

2. Types of cookies used and their functions:

Most are the so-called REQUIRED or ESSENTIAL ones, which give access to their own navigation on this website, managing the access and information of the registered users securely. Without these, the website will not be able to function properly.

The EMPLOYEES and ANALYTICS, through the former user information about their preferences is recorded, is used persistently, the user practices efficient and more individualized navigation, the second can be used webanalytics services (log files) and web beacons (commonly known as web bugs) to address these preferences and the number of users and how often they use our website anonymously.

The PERFORMANCE or VALIDITY TYPE, the user either uses them only to access their session and is always treated as a new visitor or persistently, allowing users to analyze the use of the site and consequently optimize the functionality of the website.

ADVERTISING allows you to collect information and customize and direct the sending of informative communications, offers and advertising and commercial campaigns, according to the preferences and needs of users.

Using EMAIL, as a frequent means of communication, we may implement tools that allow us to handle information if our users have opened it, become aware of its content, accessed links or forwarded to third parties.

In order to use the mediaplayer functions, sometimes they can be used in the user's preferences and only through them can they have access to videos. These cookies will have to be triggered by users manually via the Adobe website.

External web services may be used to display our web pages, such as videos, images, surveys, polls and the like.

When our users have access to our website this information is incorporated without us being able to delete or prevent it.

3. Cookie Changes and Disabling

All browsers allow you to accept, reject, or delete cookies.

You can set your browser with an alert before accepting a cookie or even rejecting it.

Only by accepting you can enjoy all the benefits of our website.

With the continued navigation of the user.

Information regarding the partial or total disabling of cookies will be done through your browser settings, through your own browser instructions.

Such as declaring that they do not wish to be communicated via email.

If you have any questions about how cookies are managed, you can contact the Data Protection Officer at

For more information on how personal data are processed, please refer to our Privacy Policy available at

MadeinPortucale reserves the right to make any changes to this cookie policy. Therefore, the user should regularly consult the notification to be informed of any changes.