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Arbun Original Medronho Brandy 500ml




Arbun Original Medronho Brandy 500 ml

Typical fruit spirit from the Algarve Region


Arbun Original is a Fruit Brandy, namely Medronho, a colorless drink, produced using fruits harvested manually between the end of September and December in several locations scattered in the Serra do Caldeirão (Alentejo and Algarve Region).

Then, the fermentation proceeded by natural yeasts (without additives), developed in watertight stainless steel tanks, with temperature control, to take place between October and March.

Distillation using a copper still immediately after the end of fermentations.


Tasting Note: This ARBUN ORIGINAL Medronho Brandy presents itself as a colorless alcoholic drink, clear in appearance, a balanced and smooth brandy with prolonged end of arbutus fruits.


Variety / variety: “Medronho” fruit.

Harmonization: It is recommended whenever possible to serve very fresh, so this ARBUN ORIGINAL fruit spirit is perfect to accompany a traditional egg dessert. Enhance the experience in a small tulip glass. Alternatively, you can forget all the rules, or tips and be inspired by friendship and take a round of shots. It will be unforgettable and memorable with a unique flavor.


Serving temperature: Whenever possible, serve this fresh drink.


Final note:

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Btl. Capac 0.50 Liter
Alcoholic content 46%
Region Algarve


very interesting

I really like your project, portfolio, careful selection, concept in support of sustainability. Congrats

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Arbun Original Medronho Brandy 500ml

Arbun Original Medronho Brandy 500ml

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