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S. Leonardo Port White Wine Very Old 50 years 500ml


S. Leonardo – 50 Years White Port


1962 and 1967, two years of devastating oods in Portugal. Very wet then, the wines from those years present an amazing acidity with is a great ally for a Port of this age. This wine is a symbol of renewing after the drama.


1962 et 1967, deux années de crues des eaux absolument dévastatrices. Deux années très humides donc, les vins présentent une incroyable acidité, grande alliée pour des vins de Porto de cet age. Ce vin est un symbole de renouveau après un drame.


"Ruby is made by the hand of God and the feet of men. Tawny is at the feet of Good by the hand of Man"- Miguel Braga

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Art of flavours...From Portugal to the world

Btl. Capac 0.50 Liter
Year 50
Grape varietal Touriga Nacional
Grape varietal 2 Touriga Franca
Grape varietal 3 Tinta Roriz
Grape varietal 4 Tinta Barroca
Grape varietal 5 Tinto Cão
Region Porto e Douro
Total acidity 5.4
pH 3.34
Total sugars 199
Palate It is an endless aromas sequence. The palate is a full wine and luscious, very complex and an end of endless mouth.
Nose Dark greenish golden color. The scent features notes of roasting, honey, tobacco, apricot, nut, caramel and orange.


It's Amazing Port Wine


Amazing port wine

I bought it to offer to my father, and he loved the idea and after tasting it he was delighted.

I'm happy and thankful

My father turned 50, and my sister had the idea to offer this wine, because my late mother was very fond of white port.
It was a moment of joy and tenderness accompanied by this special blend.
After tasting, I realized how special it was for my father to receive this gift that he now proudly shows to friends.
I hope you continue to have good wines and especially special and unique things. Congratulations.


Quelle bonne surprise

Amazing... Wow!!!

What a feeling, without further comment, just to thank you for the opportunity, until next time, continue with this selection of Extraordinary Wines.

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S. Leonardo Port White Wine Very Old 50 years 500ml

S. Leonardo Port White Wine Very Old 50 years 500ml

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