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S. Leonardo Port Wine 40 Years Old 750ml


S. Leonardo – 40 Years Tawny Port



From the São Leonardo de Galafura viewpoint, where the poet Miguel Torga drew its inspiration from and left poems and countless references to Wine and the Douro in his extensive work, we created Quinta do Mourão, spread over five properties located in the Douro.


Tasting Notes: Greenish tawny color. Intense aromas like dried fruits, and honey. Full-bodied, smooth and harmonious in the palate with a great balance between sweetness and acidity. Long and persistent finish


Grape varietes: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca and Tinto Cão.


Harmonization: Serve after dinner or with dessert, chocolate, nuts or long matured cheeses


Serving temperature is: 12.ºC


Premiums achieved: International Wine Challenge (IWC2019) Winner Gold 2019


Final note: #PortDay #PortWine #winestagram #winelove #winemaker #wine

Type Tawny
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 40
Alcoholic content 20,50%
Grape varietal Touriga Nacional
Grape varietal 2 Touriga Franca
Grape varietal 3 Tinta Roriz
Grape varietal 4 Tinta Barroca
Grape varietal 5 Tinto Cão
Region Porto e Douro
Total acidity 4.5
pH 3.48
Total sugars 135
Service Temperature: 18ºC
Palate It is an endless aromas sequence. The palate is a full wine and luscious, very complex and an end of endless mouth.
Nose Dark greenish golden color. The scent features notes of roasting, honey, tobacco, apricot, nut, caramel and orange.


Amazing Wine Experience

My first 40 year old Port! Very nice, dry fruit, honey, Marzipan, plum, eingelegtes Kernobst

My father love it

It was worth it because I won the first one-time my father and my bride was delighted, although she has already proved other cheaper Portuguese wines

Just for me because this is amazing

I just enjoyed and will buy again, in fact bought three copies to offer to family and friends very close, one of them just opened on Christmas day and wanted to make toast with this Fantastic Port, now I just placed an order just for me .

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S. Leonardo Port Wine 40 Years Old  750ml

S. Leonardo Port Wine 40 Years Old 750ml

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