Porto Wine - S. Leonardo 40 years


Type Tawny
Btl. Capac 750 ml
Year 40
Alcoholic content 20.40%
Grape varietals Touriga Nacional
Grape varietals 2 Touriga Franca
Grape varietals 3 Tinta Roriz
Grape varietals 4 Tinta Barroca
Grape varietals 5 Tinto Cão
Region Porto e Douro
Total acidity 4.57
pH 3.48
Total sugars 135
Service Temperature: 18ºC
Palate Dark greenish golden color. The scent features notes of roasting, honey, tobacco, apricot, nut, caramel and orange.
Nose It is an endless aromas sequence. The palate is a full wine and luscious, very complex and an end of endless mouth.


My father-in-law loved it!

It was worth it because I won the first one-time my father and my bride was delighted, although she has already proved other cheaper Portuguese wines.

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Porto Wine - S. Leonardo 40 years

Porto Wine - S. Leonardo 40 years

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