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Orange Jam “Sabores do Monte” Alcáçovas 230 grs.


Orange Jam “Sabores do Monte” Alcáçovas 230 grs.

Art of Flavors, from the Alentejo region to the world.


The first expeditions of the navigator Cristóvão Colombo were carried out under the treaty celebrated in Alcáçovas in the Alentejo in the 15th century, in full Alentejo lands with extensive gastronomic heritage in addition to the Wines.


The sweets and seasonings with the label "Sabores do Monte" are produced in a small production unit with an artisanal nature, located in Alcáçovas in Alentejo, by those concerned with respecting local tradition and focused on producing high quality products inspired by the best pure Alentejo tradition.


The Orange Jam “Sabores do Monte” Alcáçovas 230 grs. is a compote, the result of a recipe that mixes tomatoes grown and harvested in the region, sugar and cinnamon, with the knowledge and love for history and tradition to continue its legacy, pasteurized for food security reasons, but which nevertheless , allows for an excellent gastronomic and sensory experience, therefore, a pleasure for any time of the day.


All fruits are good sources of vitamin C, one of the most important nutrients for health is in the fruit, and in these products you will always find 100% natural fruit pulp.


This Orange Candy “Sabores do Monte” Alcáçovas 230 grs. It is a great option to enrich a table, from sweetening breakfast or any other occasion, dare to taste Portuguese flavors and sweeten your life with something natural and a little vitamin C.


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Btl. Capac 230 grs.
Region Alentejo


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Orange Jam “Sabores do Monte” Alcáçovas 230 grs.

Orange Jam “Sabores do Monte” Alcáçovas 230 grs.

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