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Goshawk Azores Gin - Passion Fruit


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The first gin distilled in the Azores has arrived - Goshawk Azores Gin. Its name is inspired by the goshawk, a bird that flies freely in the Azorean skies. It's a Gin that follows the innovative spirit of the company, Eduardo Ferreira & Filhos. His balance and traditional flavor make the difference.

Type Brandy
Btl. Capac 0.70 Liter
Alcoholic content 40%
Region Açores


Amazing portuguese gin

I enjoyed the experience of feeling the fruit pulp in the distillate.

Interessante e gostoso

Primeiro estranha-se depois quer-se mais e são muitas as aplicações.

I like this Portuguese Gin

I love this Gin, I recommend!!!

Exceptional and amazing gin

We are all delighted, and now please do not let exhaust.Congrats

Good Dry Gin surprise

Combination of gin with very nice fruit

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Goshawk Azores Gin - Passion Fruit

Goshawk Azores Gin - Passion Fruit

The Goshawk Azores gin is the first gin distilled in the Azores. Its distillation is made in copper stills of French origin. The entire process is carried out at the Eduardo Ferreira & Filhos Company Distillery, located in the city of Ribeira Grande (São Miguel Island). Its traditional balance and flavor make the difference and it's superb how it fuses with Ezekiel's exceptional fruit liqueurs.

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