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Cabo da Roca Reserve Lisbon Syrah Rosé Wine 2017


Wine Rosé Cabo da Roca Reserve Lisbon Syrah 2017


Rosé Wine - Regional Wine - Lisboa Wines Region

Integrated in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, Cabo da Roca is one of the reasons for the interest of the walking routes that can be done along the Portuguese coast, who goes to Sintra, a World Heritage Village classified by UNESCO or Cascais, cannot miss a visit to the westernmost point of Continental Europe, Cabo da Roca, not forgetting that we still have the westernmost point of Europe in the Islands.


Cabo da Roca is a tourist icon, being an important location for those who have sailed along the coast since the 19th century. XVII, about 150 meters from the sea, here you can have a comprehensive view of the Serra de Sintra and the coast, which makes it worth the visit.


Nothing like a good wine inspired by Cabo da Roca, a Rosé wine, from the Reserva range, a Regional Wine from Lisbon and monovarietal 100% Syrah, with a medium full-bodied and dry style, this is how we present it and bring it to you, the Wine Rosé Cabo da Roca Reserve Lisbon Syrah 2017.


This monovarietal, 100% made from the SYRAH grape variety, a variety with merits all over the world, are several places in the world where wine is produced with this variety, Australia (called Shiraz), France (where it is called Syrah ), other countries where it is possible to find it are Argentina, the United States, Chile (where it is called Shiraz) and of course, here in Portugal, where we can risk calling this almost all-terrain variety, because it adapts practically to most national soils.

Put it in a glass and get inspired by Cabo da Roca, the ocean, life and enjoy the moment.


Tasting Notes: When you enjoy this Rosé Wine Cabo da Roca Reserva Lisbon Syrah 2017, enjoy its beautiful pink color, on the nose enjoy notes of raspberry, licorice and black cherry, already in the mouth the notes of black cherry and vanilla stand out, being a Wine balanced, of firm structure and a persistent good finish. Very good!


Grapes / varietes : 100% Syrah . 


Harmonization: This Rosé Wine Cabo da Roca Reserva Lisboa Syrah 2017 Wine is recommended for a good time with friends, before, during or after a moment at the beach or pool, but especially to serve in meals with seafood, grilled meats, salmon, fresh vegetables and creamy cheeses. Dare to taste this wine!


Premiums achieved: Os apreciadores desta casta #syrahlovers vão apreciar e gostar de saber que numa escala de 0-20 mereceu destaque na edição no certame Grandes Escolhas em Portugal com nota final de 16,5.


Final note:   #cabodaroca #sintracascais #whitewine #arinto #winehouse #winelife #winestagram #winelove #winemaker #wine

Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2017
Alcoholic content 12%
Grape varietal Syrah
Region Lisboa


Great Syrah Rose Wine

Nice wine.

Great Rose wine

Good price and nice wine.

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Cabo da Roca Reserve Lisbon Syrah Rosé Wine 2017

Cabo da Roca Reserve Lisbon Syrah Rosé Wine 2017

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