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Pata D'Urso Rose Wine Old Vines 2019


Pata D`Urso Pink Wine Old Vines 2019


Douro Region

After a viticultural year marked by large temperature fluctuations and with lower than normal annual rainfall in the Douro region, despite the high levels of rainfall that occurred during April, this year was characterized by a dry year . Thus, in order to find a balance between the alcohol and acidity of the old vineyards of mixed red grape varieties for Pata D`Urso Rosé 2019, we started harvesting the grapes at Quinta da Furada on September 14, 2019.


In a year in which objectives and goals were achieved, one of them was the production of a rosé wine that was genuine. This is how Pata D'Urso Rosé 2019 was born.


Through a selection of grape varieties from the oldest in the Douro present in the old vineyards of Quinta da Furada, this wine began to be '' designed ''. The harvest was done manually. The grapes were crushed and destemmed. In granite mills, a pre-fermentative maceration was carried out at low temperatures for 24 hours. Then, the volume of the mill was bleed, where about 600 liters of must were removed to make this Rosé. The fermentation process began, all carried out in a 600-liter French oak barrel used, where it remained for 6 months.


Tasting Note: With a ruby color, this genuine wine is reminiscent of the old style of rosé wines, which provokes curiosity for the tasting.


Pata D`Urso Rosé 2019, presents on the nose with aromas of red fruits, floral touches, with light vanilla aromas, giving it a fine subtlety.


In the mouth, we are surprised by its elegance and smoothness, ending with a long and fresh finish, marked by its good natural acidity.


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Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2019
Alcoholic content 13%
Region Porto e Douro
Total acidity 5.3
pH 3.43


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Pata D'Urso Rose Wine Old Vines 2019

Pata D'Urso Rose Wine Old Vines 2019

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