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Principal Tête de Cuvée Grande Reserva Rose Wine 2016


Principal Tête de Cuvée Grande Reserva Rose Wine 2016


Bairrada Wine Region - DOC

The Bairrada Wine Region is one of the fourteen wine producing regions in Portugal, in the past, a land of passage and of conquests, of struggles between Christians and Arabs at the time of the formation of Portugal, when the capital of the kingdom was Coimbra and the way the affirmation went south, now it is full of vitality, full of history, looking for a place in the future that we believe it will have.


The Rosé Wine PRINCIPAL TÊTE DE CUVÉE 2016 is a Rosé Wine full of charm, from the Bairrada Region, a Grande Reserva Wine, the result of a vinification in a terroir that is characterized by the climate of Atlantic influence, protected by the mountains of Caramulo and Buçaco, where there is QUINTA COLINAS DE S. LOURENÇO, where the vineyards are planted on soft hills, with clay-limestone soils.


This PRINCIPAL TÉTE DE CUVÉE Rosé Wine 2016 is a good motto for a good “vibe”, to enjoy on a day that looks for something special, to share with good friends, good times ask for a Wine to match the occasion and this fits perfectly.


This PRINCIPAL TÉTE DE CUVÉE 2016 Rosé Wine has the potential to store, however it requires that it be properly preserved in a place protected from light and without great thermal amplitudes, preferably between 12 and 14ºC.


Tasting Notes: When tasting or enjoying this Rosé PRINCIPAL TÊTE DE CUVÉE 2016 wine you will notice the excellent aromatic impact on the nose, with remarkable elegance and complexity, nuances of raspberries, enormous delicacy in the mouth, it is in fact a rosé of great class, full of character and finesse.


Grape varieties: Pinot Noir.


Harmonization: Our recommendation is to pair with White, Red Meats, Roasts and Salads. Whenever you need to drink and / or share an excellent Rosé Wine.


Serving temperature: Serve this wine between 11º and 12ºC.


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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2010
Alcoholic content 12,50%
Grape varietal Pinot Noir
Region Bairrada


Very special rose wine

Excellent rose with a unique flavor. Footy, complex, acidic and very rich.

stupendous wine

This is just very, very, very good. Amazing Rose Wine.

Amei demais

No Brasil, na Europa e EUA já provei vários Vinhos Rosés muito bons, este é surrealmente o melhor que bebi e nem imaginava ser produzido em Portugal. Parabéns!

Simple the best

amazing rose wine.

lo increíble este vino

Impecable, fantástico.

Felicidades, este vino es muy bueno.

Oh, Dios mío, nunca bebió vino rosado como este.


I met this wine a few years ago at Conrad in the Algarve, and then, since I didn't find it again, I forgot. I received your newsletter that I thank here and I share that even a tear has fallen and I have not yet drank again, but I already ordered it, and I can't wait to have it in my glass.

Nota 5

Parabéns, para mim, não encontro melhor Vinho Rosé Português do que este.

5 stars GREAT rosè from

Complimented everything, from quail to cuttlefish, perfectly. It’s like pouring liquid copper. Lots of oranges, caramel, apples and melon. Extremely silky from sip to aftertaste.

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Principal Tête de Cuvée Grande Reserva Rose Wine 2016

Principal Tête de Cuvée Grande Reserva Rose Wine 2016

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