Graça Douro - Viosinho - Reserva 2014


Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 750 ml
Year 2016
Alcoholic content 16%
Grape varietals Trincadeira
Grape varietals 2 Alicante Bouchet
Region Alentejo
Total acidity 5.4
Winemaker Manuel Vargas
pH 3
Total sugars 0.5
Tasting notes Intense deep red color
Palate The wine has a voluminous round attack and a good presence of tannins, which, by caste and personality, are provocative and robust but silky in texture. The show density, and body ending in a long and persistent way
Nose This wine presents a complex, intense aroma with notes of red fruits, strawberries, cherries and raspberries very ripe or in compote, or of orange with nuances of mocha and crystallized fruits
Wine Pairing It is especially recommended to accompany red meats, lamb, baked goods, spicy dishes, game, cheeses, sausages and pates.


Amazing Wine!!!

we often remember that I drank this wine and talked a lot about it and finally found it on the web

Félicitations, très bon vin.

Je suis né en France, je ne pensais pas que le vin était fait dans le monde si bon ou même spécial, et dans une certaine mesure, beaucoup mieux et moins cher dans certains cas. La plus grande surprise est qu'ils arrivent à la maison et à un bon prix.

Vey good wine

Knew nothing of Portuguese wines, much less of varieties that this wine has even less of the area, now I'm delighted. Congratulations and thank you for the experience

amazing and Fantastic wine

I already had good wines, from Africa, the United States, Chile, Italy and France, but I went through Spain and went to Portugal and tasted some wines that I was a fan of. He spent a few years and I'm always remember until I discovered these my new friends from MadeinPortucale, and when I made my first purchase in January surprised. Now more recently I have chosen a lot of boxes for a party and offer some old friends. In the middle of the order came a box of this little wonder. Yes, small, because they had to make bigger bottles. Now I have to order some more bottles or boxes because it is so delicious that ends up in an instant. I loved the taste, the finish of the mouth, the aroma, it has an intense and beautiful color. And then have a great price for the excellent quality. Thank you for the pleasure they provide team MadeinPortucale

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Graça Douro - Viosinho - Reserva 2014

Graça Douro - Viosinho - Reserva 2014

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