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Colinas Sparkling Brut Nature White 2015


COLINAS BRUT NATURE White 2015 - Sparkling


Bairrada Wine Region - DOC


The Bairrada Wine Region is one of the fourteen wine producing regions in Portugal, in the past, a land of passage and of conquests, of struggles between Christians and Arabs at the time of Portugal's formation, when the capital of the kingdom was Coimbra and the way the affirmation went south, currently full of vitality, full of history, looking for a place in the future that we believe it will have.


COLINAS BRUT NATURE White 2015 is a Portuguese sparkling wine, originating in the Bairrada Wine Region, using Chardonnay grapes in a terroir with an Atlantic influence climate, protected by the Caramulo and Buçaco mountains.


The grapes that resulted in the COLINAS BRUT NATURE White 2015 Wine were harvested in vineyards planted in gentle hills, with clay-limestone soils.


This sparkling wine with 12.5% ​​alcohol was produced using the classic method, having been subjected to a stage of 3 years before degorgement, and if you want to keep some specimens it should be kept in a place protected from light and without great thermal amplitudes, preferably between 12 and 14ºC, as it has a longevity potential.


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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2015
Alcoholic content 12,50%
Grape varietal Chardonnay
Region Bairrada
Service Temperature: Serve this wine between 6º and 7ºC.
Tasting notes You will taste a great Portuguese sparkling wine, with a fine bubble, a straw color with light green nuances.
Production Classic
Palate in the mouth it is elegant and vibrant with fruity notes. A harmonious sparkling wine that never becomes tiring on the palate.
Nose on the nose it is a vibrant, cheerful and fresh wine, delicate, open, with citrus notes and white flowers,.
Wine Pairing whenever you want, as it is a sparkling wine to be consumed at any time of the day or night.


amazing team and Portuguese Wines TOP

On the first order to Berlin I also had bad luck and stress with a carrier, but they were always with me. The products are genuine, exceptional, whenever I buy I am discovering Portugal. Fantastic and I have already recommended it to friends, family and my clients.

Excellent taste & customer service

Madeinportucale were particularly helpful with a tricky delivery to the UK during post-Brexit times. The champagne arrived on time for a birthday and it tastes amazing, highly recommend both the product and the service!

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Amazing Sparkling Wine

I took a chance because I didn't know it, but it was worth every euro. tks guys

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Top 5*

Tks your wines is the best quality vs price

mi gusta

mui bom


Estou duplamente grato, recebi a tempo este fantástico espumante para festejar Vitória do campeonato do meu FC Porto. FANTÁSTICO!!!

very good

Amazing sparkling wine.

Que espumante fantástico


First Portuguese sparkling for me and I really enjoyed it

Great complexity, some dryness, aromatic, pear, citric.

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Colinas Sparkling Brut Nature White 2015

Colinas Sparkling Brut Nature White 2015

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