Casa Sabicos Avó Sabica Red Wine 2011


Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 750 ml
Year 2011
Alcoholic content 15 %
Grape varietals Trincadeira
Grape varietals 2 Alicante Bouchet
Grape varietals 3 Aragonez
Total acidity 6.3
pH 3.63
Tasting notes Color grenade intense to retinto.
Palate Soft, fruity, very balanced, where the raisins and the jams combine harmoniously with the portuguese oak, in a very peculiar flavor that remains in the long and persistent end of the test, together with the excellent acidity.
Nose Complex, mix of jams, raisins, dark chocolate, with notes of Portuguese oak.
Wine Pairing Joaquim Madeira


It was an adventure, after a surprise result of a good buy

I have already drank good wines all over the world, in Portugal I am also surprised, but this wine ended up at the beginning of the order to be an adventure, which later was well worth it.
I will repeat as long as there is stock and recommend, for high quality, low price face.
These gentlemen have gained an adept and another customer.

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Casa Sabicos Avó Sabica Red Wine 2011

Casa Sabicos Avó Sabica Red Wine 2011

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