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Terras Madre de Água White Wine Encruzado 2017


Terras Madre de Água White Wine Encruzado 2018

Dão Wine Region – Serra da Estrela.

Nature has given the Dão Demarcated Region a set of happy geographical coincidences. Among deeply mountainous areas, valleys coexist with hills and smooth, rounded slopes.

Luis and Lurdes, a Portuguese couple, decided in 2007 to return to their origins and their past, in an initiative through a project aimed at sustainability and respect for nature, bringing together "man", the arts and traditions in this project.

After several trips the couple had previously made to the village of the mother of Lurdes, Luís's mother-in-law, in Vinhó, municipality of Gouveia, at the foot of the Serra da Estrela (second highest mountain in Portugal) resulted in the decision to invest in a property there . In a region where there are breathtaking landscapes, authentic living paintings and where fertile land valleys predominate.

When Homem Dreams, the work is born and Quinta Madre de Água is a reality with a vineyard that is already 40 years old, many olive trees, oaks, chestnut trees, pine trees, centuries-old cherry trees, rock formations from the Glacier era and many water wells. Madre de Água is the raison d'être and the essence of a set of Wines and more.

Terras Madre de Água White Wine Encruzado DÃO 2017 is a White Wine originating from a vineyard in a specific, essentially granitic terroir, whose vinification results from a 12-hour pre-fermentative maceration with cooling, soft pressing, natural decanting where it follows immediately slow fermentation with controlled temperature of 14ºC.

Being an exceptional wine, it is recommended that if you try to reserve and store some bottles, do it in good condition, namely ensure the bottles lying in a cool, dark place, between 12 and 13ºC and with relative humidity close to 60%. enjoy it!

Tasting Notes: The Terras Madre de Água Encruzado White Wine 2017 is effectively a typical wine from the Dão region, an intense wine, typical of the Terrior of the Encruzado grape variety, revealed in the tasting when combining citrus fruit and menthol with mineral notes, already in the mouth it has an excellent acidity, with body, notes of lime and freshness, giving it delicacy and persistence on the palate, patent of the minerality of high wines, “Dão Serrano”.

Grapes/varietes:   Encruzado [100%].

Harmonization: Terras Madre de Água Colheita 2019 White Wine is recommended to accompany meals with seafood, fresh grilled fish, white meats and is also suitable as an aperitif.

Serving temperature is: Serve between 5º and 7ºC.

Responsible for oenology: Paulo Nunes, Eng.º

Premiums achieved:  Wine tasted and approved by the largest and most visited online portal for Portuguese Wines

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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2018
Alcoholic content 13%
Grape varietal Encruzado
Region Dão e Lafões
Winemaker Paulo Nunes, Eng.


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Terras Madre de Água White Wine Encruzado 2017

Terras Madre de Água White Wine Encruzado 2017

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