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Colinas Chardonnay White Wine 2018




Bairrada Wine Region - DOC

The Bairrada Wine Region is one of the fourteen wine producing regions in Portugal, in the past, a land of passage and of conquests, of struggles between Christians and Arabs at the time of the formation of Portugal, when the capital of the kingdom was Coimbra and the way the affirmation went south, it is currently full of vitality, full of history, looking for a place in the future that we believe it will have.


COLINAS CHARDONNAY White 2018 is a DOC White Wine from the Bairrada Region, a mono-grape of excellence from a terroir with an Atlantic influence climate, protected by the Caramulo and Buçaco mountains. Result of a property with vineyards planted on gentle hills, with clay-limestone soils.


This COLINAS CHARDONNAY WHITE 2018 can be Wine to invest to store, if it should be done in a place protected from light and without large thermal amplitudes, preferably between 12 and 14ºC.


Tasting Notes: When tasting or enjoying this COLINAS CHARDONNAY WHITE 2018 you will appreciate a citrus-colored White Wine, on the nose it reveals notes of ripe fruit, with a touch of dried fruits, already in the mouth, the characteristics of the terroir, giving a smoothness and freshness unique, ideal for good longevity. It is a great experience!


Varieties: 100% Chardonnay.


Harmonization: Our recommendation is to serve COLINAS CHARDONNAY BRANCO 2018 to accompany Mediterranean cuisine, as well as fish and seafood dishes.


Serving temperature is: Serve this wine between 10º and 11ºC.


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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2017
Alcoholic content 13,50%
Grape varietal Chardonnay (100%)
Region Bairrada
Tasting notes Citrine in color, it reveals notes of ripe fruit on the nose, with a touch of dried fruit.
Wine Pairing Excellent to accompany cooking dishes Mediterranean, fish and seafood.


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Colinas Chardonnay White Wine 2018

Colinas Chardonnay White Wine 2018

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