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Cabo da Roca Reserva Bucelas DOC White Wine 2017


Cabo da Roca Reserva Bucelas DOC White 2017


White Wine DOC BUCELAS Lisboa Wines Region

Integrated in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, Cabo da Roca is one of the reasons for the interest of the walking routes that can be done along the Portuguese coast, those who go to Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Village, cannot miss a visit to the point westernmost part of Continental Europe, Cabo da Roca, do not forget that we still have the most western point of Europe in the islands.


Cabo da Roca is a tourist icon, located at latitude 38º 47´Norte and longitude 9º 30 Oeste, Cabo da Roca is an important coordinate for those who have been sailing along the coast since the 19th century. XVII, about 150 meters from the sea, here you can have a comprehensive view of the Serra de Sintra and the coast, which makes it worth the visit.


Nothing like a good wine inspired by Cabo da Roca, a white wine from the Reserva range, with a vibrant and smooth style, this is how we bring you the Cabo da Roca Reserva Bucelas DOC 2017 White Wine.


This is a mono-variety, 100% made from the portuguese grape variety ARINTO, one of the oldest and most traditional Portuguese grape varieties, especially in the Bucelas region, currently framed in the Lisbon Wine Region, despite being a very versatile grape variety, that's why it is grown in almost all Portuguese wine regions.

Put it in a glass and get inspired by Cabo da Roca and enjoy the moment.


Tasting Notes : When you enjoy this Cabo da Roca Reserva Bucelas DOC 2017 White Wine, enjoy its yellow color, on the nose enjoy an expressive, mineral wine, with notes of white fruit and stone and with notes of spices and nuts, freshness of citrus, in the mouth, citrus fruit and stone fruit stand out in a persistent and elegant finish.


Castas : 100% Arinto . 


Harmonization: This Cabo da Roca Reserva Bucelas DOC 2017 White Wine is recommended for a good time with friends, but especially recommended to pair and accompany a meal with roasted fish, salmon for example, or sea bass, as well as pork, cured meat or simply serving a special person.


Final note:

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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2017
Alcoholic content 13%
Grape varietal Arinto
Region Lisboa


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Cabo da Roca Reserva Bucelas DOC White Wine 2017

Cabo da Roca Reserva Bucelas DOC White Wine 2017

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