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Quinta da Rabiana Private Collection White Wine 2018


QUINTA DA RABIANA Private Collection White Wine 2018


Vinhos Verdes Wine Region- DOC

The current Demarcated Region of Vinhos Verdes extends throughout the northwest of the country, in the area traditionally known for the province of Minho, the limits of the river Minho (border with Galicia - Spain) are to the north, to the east and to the south, mountainous areas that they constitute the natural separation between Entre-Douro-e-Minho Atlântico and the most inland parts of the country with more Mediterranean characteristics, and lastly the Atlantic Ocean which constitutes its western limit.

The area of ​​production of Minho wine, geographical indication, corresponds exactly to the production of Vinho Verde, and each vineyard can give rise to a Vinho Verde or a Minho.


The White Wine Quinta da Rabiana Private Collection 2018 is a DOC wine from the Vinho Verde region, resulting from a blend with the Loureiro and Trajadura grape varieties, which in its vinification had grapes from two vineyard plots, at Quinta da Rabiana and Santissa , both located at the origin of the nation (City of Guimarães), harvested manually and always in the morning during the harvest to avoid the hottest hours, in small capacity boxes.

Each grape variety was harvested separately and then they were transported to the winery in a short time, the must decanted at low temperature after pressing and before fermentation with controlled temperature in stainless steel vats.

Long and controlled fermentation, and the wine remained in fine lees until the blend was formed.

For those who are passionate about wine, this wine was made with a lot of love and because they really wanted to make a good wine.


Tasting Notes: When tasting or enjoying this Quinta da Rabiana Private Collection 2018 White Wine you will certainly notice a bright and citrus color, the aromas are intense and complex on the nose, with notes of citrus fruits (eg lemon, orange) fruits tropicas (eg passion fruit) and some floral notes, in the mouth there is a dry wine, the fine and balanced acidity that gives the Wine an excellent freshness, creamy and soft in the mouth, with good structure and presence of fruit notes that are completed with a long and persistent aftertaste.


Grape varieties: Loureiro and Trajadura.


Harmonization: With the Quinta da Rabiana Private Collection 2018 White Wine to accompany meals with roasted fish, cod and white meats, also accompanying sheep's cheeses very well.


Serving temperature is: Serve this wine between 8º and 10ºC.


Responsible for oenology: ---


Premiums achieved: ---


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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2018
Alcoholic content 13%
Grape varietal Loureiro
Grape varietal 2 Trajadura
Region Vinho Verde
Total acidity 6.5
pH 3,11
Total sugars 2,0 g/l


Top 5*

extraordinary white wine from the Vinho Verde Region.

Great Wine

what an amazing wine with a great price versus quality ratio.

concordo, para Vinho Verde muito suave

Para mim é um Vinho Verde moderno. Muito aromático, com boa estrutura e complexidade. Liso (sem gás) e de final de boca longo. Parabéns e grato pela experiência.

Vinho de excelência , top !!!

Maravilha de bom vinho.

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Quinta da Rabiana Private Collection White Wine 2018

Quinta da Rabiana Private Collection White Wine 2018

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