Viúva Gomes Colares Red Wine 1999

Ramisco, the iconic, dark-blue-skinned grape variety from Colares - Sintra, stands out in the world of wine grapes as one of very few vinifera varieties never to have been grafted onto American phylloxera-resistant rootstocks. It is grown only in Colares, southwestern Portugal, whose sandy soils do not allow the phylloxera louse to survive.


The Ramisco grape, characterictic of this region, along with its maritime environment, grant this wine an Atlantic and balsamic character, a dry structure and a smooth mineral acidity. The tannins are also well marked, which attenuate as the years go by. Aromatic notes of dry fruits and cedar resin are highly present.

Type Red Wine DOC
Btl. Capac 500ml
Year 1999
Alcoholic content 11%
Grape varietal Ramisco
Tasting notes Along with its maritime environment, confer to the wine an Atlantic and balsamic character, a dry structure and a smooth mineral acidity
Production The Ramisco grape, authocthon in this region Colares
Nose The tannins are also well marked, which attenuate as years go by. Aromatic notes of dry fruits and cedar resin


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Viúva Gomes Colares Red Wine 1999

Viúva Gomes Colares Red Wine 1999

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