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Sátiro Clandestino Red Wine 2020


Sátiro (Clandestino) Red Wine 2020




A differentiated Alentejo wine, which results from a unique production that brings together the best of both worlds, the current and one with over 2000 years of history.

A good way to honor a land full of historical heritage.


Alentejo Regional Wine, Red Wine 2020 "Sátiro (clandestino)"

The winemaker Manuel Vargas, describes this wine based on their orientation to Wines.

One of the basic principles and guidelines for the production of this blend is to gather and join different techniques and ancestral knowledge in wine production in the Alentejo, in conjunction with the most modern technologies in the cellar and the potential of modern oenology.


This wine called SÁTIRO (Clandestino) took the philosophy of the winemaker further and resulted in the approximation of two extremes, namely the techniques, knowledge and oldest knowledge of making wine in the Alentejo and simultaneously with the current oenology.

In this batch, it was fermented with the winemaking process already 2000 years old, and was therefore fermented by the "Roman" process, with no automatic pumping or any other mechanical pump. Everything was made of clay carvings, notably Roman-inspired amphorae, and then we moved to modern, temperature-controlled stainless steel mills with automatic steppers.


This wine results from the challenge and irony of joining two separate processes for centuries, resulting in the satyr name. Due to the difference in the production process and the use of alternative techniques, we rarely added the clandestine word.

Here we are facing an Alentejo blend, resulting from a fermentation in clay carving (amphora) and in stainless steel mills from the Aragonez, Alicante bouschet and Syrah varieties. It then aged nine months in French and American oak barrels.

Now enjoy the experience and cheers.

Tasting Notes: It presents ruby ​​color with intense violet lavas, aroma of ripe red fruits. The luxuriant fruit, strength and youth revealed in the nose, redo for the Alentejo handcrafted wines of clay carving. Some notes of black fruit, smoke spices. Jams and past fruit to remember plum. The palate is velvety, round and soft, rich and "sweet", with "mineral" marks left by the clay of its origin. Intense, powerful but balanced set. With a good structure of firm tannins and balanced acidity.


Grapes/varietes: Syrah, Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez


Harmonization: The companion Red Meat, Baked, Dishes seasoned, cheeses and pates.


Serving temperature is: 


Responsible for oenology: Manuel Vargas


Premiums achieved: Referenced and evaluated on the portal


Final note:

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Type Protected Designation of Origin
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2017
Alcoholic content 15%
Grape varietal Syrah
Grape varietal 2 Alicante Bouchet
Grape varietal 3 Aragonez
Region Alentejo
Winemaker Manuel Vargas


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Sátiro Clandestino Red Wine 2020

Sátiro Clandestino Red Wine 2020

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