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Cabrita White Wine 2022


Cabrita White Wine 2022



Cabrita White Wine 2022 is a wine produced in the southernmost wine region of Portugal, in a terroir characterized by calcareous clay soils, the result of a Vineyard with Arinto and Verdelho grape varieties.


The vinification of Cabrita White Wine 2022 is carried out with a maturation control to determine the time of grape picking, when it already has an ideal state of maturation and a good balance between sugars, acidity and flavor. The harvest is manual, the pressing is done with whole bunches, at low pressures and the fermentation is carried out with total temperature control.


Grape varieties: Arinto, Verdelho, Gouveio and Encruzado.


Tasting note: When we tasted the Cabrita White Wine 2022, we noted that it is a very fresh and fruity wine, with notes of tree fruit and some citrus (e.g. pear and lime). In the mouth, it has an entry in the mouth with volume and complexity and ends with minerality and acidity to dominate.


Pairing: This Regional Wine from the Algarve, Cabrita White Wine 2022 is a great company to serve with Rich salads, grilled fish or seafood from the Algarve coast.


Temperature service: Serve between 8° and 10°C


Responsible for Oenology: Joana Maçanita and Dinis Gonçalves.


Premiums achieved:  This Cabrita White Wine 2018 has been awarded between 2005 and 2015 at Concours Mondial Bruxelles, Gold Medal 2013 - Cabrita Reserve Red 2009 at La Selezione del Sindaco, between 2009 and 2015 at International Wine Chalenge - London, and several in Portugal.


Final note:

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Type Algarve Wine Regional
Btl. Capac 0.75 Liter
Year 2022
Alcoholic content 12,50%
Grape varietal Arinto
Grape varietal 2 Verdelho
Grape varietal 3 Gouveio
Grape varietal 4 Encruzado
Region Algarve
Total acidity 5.5
Winemaker Joana Maçanita e Dinis Gonçalves
Service Temperature: 8 - 10ºC
Tasting notes Aromatically complex, the citrus and white pulp fruit notes stand out in Cabrita White. In the mouth it enters fresh, crunchy and ends with a pleasant acidity


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Cabrita White Wine 2022

Cabrita White Wine 2022

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